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Most Soldiers have a leader during their career that stands out as that perfect leader. I was fortunate to have mine very early on in my career. I think it is important for young Soldiers to have a strong leader like that early on in their career. I feel it is important because young Soldiers are still adapting to the Army way of life and forming their opinions about it. My Legacy Leader had a huge impact on me and he is a big reason I am the leader I am today. He was my first Platoon Sergeant. He is Sergeant First Class (SFC) Matthew Mayo. SFC Mayo made his rank rather quickly. He made Sergeant First Class in seven years. The argument is often made in the Army as to whether that is too quick to make rank. Nobody ever questioned how quickly he made his rank. He was an outstanding Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) that everyone wanted to be like. He took his job very seriously and cared deeply for his Soldiers and mission success. His character, presence, and intellect allowed…show more content…
I was able to see what right looked like and witness what it took to be successful very early in my career. I would like to leave the same impact on my Soldiers that SFC Mayo did on his. I want my Soldiers to remember me as an NCO that cared for his Soldiers the way SF Mayo did all while being able to accomplish any task thrown my way. I want to be the leader that my Soldiers are talking about years after I lead them. I think that it is clear that you left an impact on a Soldier’s life if they remember you. I take great pride in helping Soldiers out and I appreciate when previous Soldiers that I had under me contact me for professional or personal advice. That means they trust me, respect my personal or professional opinion and know that I am there to help guide them in the right direction. I want my Soldiers to know that just because I am no longer in charge of them that I am still there for

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