Essay On Army National Guard

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Army National Guard Is the Army National Guard important and is it necessary? Well the Army National Guard benefits the Military, Nation, and each state individually. Without the Army National Guard many things would be different; most for the worst if we did not have it. The Army National Guard has been around since 1636 which means it has been around 379 years to this year, 2015.The Army National Guard is the oldest component of the USA armed forces. The birthday of the National Guard is December 13, 1636, marking the day that town militia companies in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were first organized into regiments. Today’s Army National Guard is the direct descendent of the militias of the thirteen original English colonies. The first founding English Settlers brought many influences of military ideas with them. For a long time England had no full-time Army, so they relied on a militia of citizen soldiers to assist in any national conflict. The US Army National Guard has fought in all of the Nation’s conflicts. “The Army was founded before our nation gained its independence and has since been the…show more content…
The Army National Guard is controlled by the State and Federal government. Because it is also controlled by the federal government it can be deployed overseas. Federalized Guard troops can also be folded into the regular Army, called up to service in the military operations overseas( For example 40% of US troops in World War 1 can from National Guard units. By having the Army National Guard it strengthens our Nation’s Military when it is needed like in the example of providing extra troops to be deployed. How is it different than other Military branches? The army National Guard acts as a reserve for the Army which is controlled by the State and federal government. Unlike the regular Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force it is not a full time active duty which makes it a
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