Army Problem Solving Process Analysis

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The elements of thought assist Army officers conducting the Army Problem Solving Process, because it helps to find the best possible solution. The elements of thought let the Army officers conducting the Army Problem Solving Process look at the problem with an academic perspective. It is more democratic and creates an opportunity to provide more ideas related to the possible solution to the problem. The Army Problem Solving Process remains well organized but with the elements of thought more openminded. Officers intellectual potential is better exploited. The Army Problem Solving Process has seven steps and it helps leaders a lot, because the problem solving is a daily activity for leaders . However, it has a strict structure which automatically pushes officers into certain frames. Leaders must obey the rules and follow certain steps. They are not able to share with colleagues all sensible ideas they have, because colleagues usually already went through this step and nobody wants to come back. Therefore, officers must use other systems which have less restrictions also. The eight elements of thought provide the possibility to go from one to another…show more content…
Richard Paul and Dr. Linda Elder elements of thought circle also. Officers are used to underestimate of importance of assumptions. Nevertheless, it is necessary to work with assumptions very carefully because it might lead to wrong decision. Firstly, assumptions are not the same as facts. It is what officers are taking for granted . However, wrong assumptions might ruin all the process. The Army Problem Solving Process talks about the assumptions at the very first step. It is very dangerous to start the hole process with wrong assumptions. Therefore, it is good to have elements of thought circle where the assumptions equally important as other elements and always attracts attention of leaders. It gives an opportunity to change and update them whenever it is necessary to

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