Essay On Arranged Marriage

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Marriage is getting to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. Although, it has not always been this way. Marriage used to be more of a trade deal; for example,trading a women for a piece of land. The role of marriage in America has become less of a business deal and more about love, women have a become more independent, and people still believe in marriage but it’s not necessary. The way marriages are today, are very different from marriages in the past. Many people were apart of arranged marriages. In Our Town Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs did not meet one another until the wedding was actually happening. Mr. Gibbs says, “ When i saw you comin’ down that aisle I thought you were the prettiest girl I’d ever seen, but the only thing was that I’d never seen you before. There I was in the Congregational Church marryin’ a total stranger” (Wilder 53). Wilder did not give the reason of why they were in an arranged marriage; although, the reader could assume it was a business deal between the two families. Now people get married on their own terms. They find someone they love and marry them, instead of being set up with someone they have never met. According to New World Encyclopedia, “Traditional arranged marriages became less common in the twentieth century, with the majority of young people in most cultures selecting their own spouse, with or without parental approval.” People have stayed from tradition, and become more free in their own life decisions.
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