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Art deco movement
The art deco movement relates to ornamental art, it was highly popular during 1920’s and 1930’s. The name “art deco” was kept later. Originally at the start this movement was known as “style moderne”. It is characterized by the Combination of decorative and fine arts. Began in France and was noticed after an expo “Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Morderne” that took place in Paris (Dickerson) (Heller). Like every movement even art deco had its critics because of its objects, illustrations and building were highly decorative. Its critics came from modernist designers and writers such as Le Corbusier, who was interested in industrial aesthetic.
This movement also has its exotic style and design, which was inspired by the discovery of Kings Tut’s tomb in Egypt in 1922 (Dickerson). The geometric motifs related with art deco came from movements like cubism and futurism. The term art deco was kept by British historian Bevis hillier during 1960’s, which was derived from Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Morderne. This movement’s name “art deco” was also used to identify (Meggs)famous
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In his other poster work piece for railways “Nord Express” he used similar style and technique. It was designed in 1927 by Cassandre and when seeing the colors of this poster, we realize it’s a mixture of warm and cold colors, mostly warm ones are used. There is a combination of four to five colors, blue, white, grey and black. Seeing most of his work he uses a lot of warm colors but in this one he has changed his theme slightly, as he is trying to give hope to people for a travel journey and with those color combinations he is certainly lightening the mood and as well as attracting

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