Art Therapy

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Art is an amazing thing and now a days it is being used help many patients with their mental disorders and disabilities. With its power to help people express themselves better, bringing people closer and making sure that people are able to understand other peoples’ point of view, it is really helping people with mental disabilities make their lives much better than before.

The recent era has brought a rise in the autism cases and they are all over the news. People who don't know anybody whose life isn't affected by autism are very rare. there are still some people who are not sure what this disease actually is. Well it is a neurological condition that a person is born with. The main causes of this disease are still not known to the scientist
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The major objective of this therapy is to shape the behaviour of the individual with Autism using the reward and consequence system. However with an advancement in research about Autism new and more effective things are also available and one such thing is the art therapy.

As the term is pretty self explanatory, Art therapy uses art to help the emotional as well as the mental growth of the patient. The art therapy is a little bit different than the art instruction. The goal behind art therapy is to help patient build the life skills and address the short comings and the problems with behaviours. This therapy helps the client with self exploring by allowing them to express themselves using different areas of arts. The goal of this therapy is not to come up with attractive pieces of art. The main objective is to ensure that the client is able to express himself or herself
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Art teaches us to be cooperative, understand the differences, taking turns patiently which all are very important social skills. With the help of art these very important skills can be taught to the patients with Autism in a very enjoyable and fun way. This also teaches the people with Autism to understand the perspective of other people. They look at the art from other people and they try to comprehend the ideas and thoughts behind these. They understand the point of view of other people. Working on group projects can also help them in building up the courage to face society and develop some social skills to deal with people around them.

Art therapy is also and amazing thing for curing SPD (sensory processing disorder). It is s pervasive problem in autism which gives rise to a immense difficulty in dealing with emotions and behaviours. The patients with Autism totally shut down in the presence of innocuous situations since these situations overstimulate them and they find it very difficult to face.

The Art therapy helps them with developing a better level of tolerance so that they can deal with any unpleasant stimuli. They do this by self teaching them to channeling the self stimulating behaviour to another activity that is more creative and fun. since Art is one of those things that can be such a fun activity so the
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