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In modern society, audio and visual media appears everywhere; it is very rare for a piece of technology to be developed without incorporating such artistic elements into it. It has become a feature of life, that art is everywhere and technology cannot be without art, either visual or audio. By asking someone the simple question: would you rather be blind or deaf, you are forcing them to imagine a world in which technology has to exist both with and without art, a world in which they depend solely on either the musical elements of life or the visual art aspect. This question can result in many philosophical responses, delving into the psychological and even the spiritual. Personally, it took a long time for me to come down on one side of the preverbal fence.

I believe I would rather lose my sight than my hearing. It is an impossible question to answer, as I have never experienced life without either sense. But I feel everyone has, to some extent, chosen to close their eyes and block out the visible world, leaving only an audible one. This world to me seems less unknown, less intimidating. Having researched this opinion, I came to the realisation that seeing with the eyes does not limit the possibility of
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Many studies of the effects of music therapy on those who are born deaf-blind show profound improvement in the areas of cognitive development and the ability to communicate. “Teaching the whole body through body movements in order to perceive musical vibrations, rhythms, musical dynamics or any musical element is a way of helping a deaf individual to construct his/her own concepts of music and consequently understand them. Movement and music used together to motivate and help a child to control his/her own body can be a particularly valuable means of express for a
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