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Common surgery not effective in treatment of knee arthritis

BOSTON—Arthroscopic surgery—a regularly used surgery to relieve knee osteoarthritis—has no additional benefit compared to physical and medical therapy, according to new research. The results of this study, from The University of Western Ontario and St. Joseph’s Health Care in Ontario, Canada, align with a growing body of evidence refuting the need for arthroscopic surgery in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Knee osteoarthritis is marked by joint pain, stiffness and declined knee function, and affects around 30% of the US population above 45 years of age, according to research from the CDC.
Researchers assessed nearly 200 men and women, with an average age of 60 and moderate knee osteoarthritis. Half of the participants were given medication, including acetaminophen, and underwent weekly physical therapy for three months. To continue building knee strength at home, study subjects were also asked to preform twice daily at-home exercises. The other half of the study group had the same treatment with the addition of arthroscopic surgery. Both groups saw improvement in knee function, pain, and overall quality of life during the two-year follow-up. However, surgery did not provide any additional benefit compared to
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Researchers caution against elimination of this surgery entirely. Dr. Feagan explains, “while arthroscopic surgery had no therapeutic benefit in our study on knee osteoarthritis, it is still effective in the treatment of other medical conditions affecting the knee.” Based on these findings, medical professionals should reconsider the necessity of arthroscopic surgery for the treatment of knee arthritis but continue to assess patients on a case-by-case basis. Eliminating this unnecessary procedure would save health care dollars and reduce potentially dangerous surgical

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