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2. Artificial Satellites

Artificial satellite is one of the man-made space objects orbiting a planet in the manufacture of certain types and functions for the purpose of human interests. Here are the types of satellites based on function,

Satellite navigation, serves to aviation and shipping. This satellite will provide information about the position of aircraft and ships that were on their way. Satellite geodesy, mapping function to obtain information about the earth and gravity. Satellite communication function for communication such as radio, television, and telephone. Meteorological satellites, is used to investigate the Earth's atmosphere in order to forecast the weather. Satellite research, serves to investigate
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Generally, satellite communications using the begit many transponders. Another thing important role in satellite communications network is a satellite antenna, since it serves as the receiving object transitions in every region of the world. While a satellite spancing (global positioning satellite) Adar used to transmit more easily based on its territory. Power systems digunkakan by the satellite is obtained from sunlight is converted into electricity which use the form of solar cells (solar cells)

Spacecraft which are long in the sky money generating power with solar energy. Aircraft obtain solar energy by using a large wing-like structures called solar panels, each solar panel is composed of many smaller cell tnaga solar cell generates electricity when exposed to light. The cells are made of a material called silicon. The solar panels will only work if when facing toward the sun, and the satellite is equipped with sensors that look for the light. Motor drive the panels are exposed to sunlight. Satellites are also equipped with a power source that lasted 12 years which is fuel that can

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