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Artificial selection is also commonly referred as selective breading. It is when you take 2 living orgasms and make them breed to get the specific outcome like a cow that can fly and a cow that can swim and he breed them together to get a flying swimming cow and he did that on propose. That is Artificial selection. and usaly the strogest get to repudose and survive.
These are the steps in Artificial selection :
1 Decide which characteristics are important
2 Choose parents that show these characteristics
3 Select the best offspring from parents to breed the next generation
4 Repeat the process continuously

Artificial selection happens in farms for like cows and Wheat Wheat
Producing disease-resistant wheat by crossbreeding wheat plants
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it is not ethical to do artificial selection beacuse we are taking living organisms and making them beed. It Takes Away Business From Animal Shelters. it is not our choice and we do this for ourselves and when you do this its also is nad for the animals. if we do this then eventually no new DNA charastics that are good will come and we will have the same ones over and over. also it is not natural it ruins the evolution chain. also animals have rights we are taking them away from theme. And some dogs are breed to be compition dogs they dont care about the dog they just want the best dog. the dog’s personality barely matters. and how do we know when this will stop sure right now they are doing it on animals and crops but theye could do this on humans EG if you are born with a problem thats not your fault you wont be allowed to reproduce and only the best of the best can same goes with animals. and its not fair that animals dont have rights. and on farms really all we do is do selective breeding to get the most out of the crop or animal to get money and for our own needs we dont care about the animal. Pure Breeding Is The Racism of The Animal Kingdom in other words we are racist if we want a pet most people would not want a disabled dog or cat or want a specific breed and that one dog that has a problem will never be loved and we are being
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