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Nowadays, most people, especially women are using artificial tanning for a better look. Using a tanning bed or a sunlamp to get tan is very dangerous for your skin. In fact, this type of exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancers including melanoma. Furthermore, in the following lines we will teach you more about the artificial tanning which is very dangerous for your skin.


Sometimes, when we are choosing to tan our skin, we can suffer sunburns. Actually, this happens due to UV rays which are reaching your skin. They are damaging cells in the epidermis and the immune system will increase blood flow to the affected areas. Therefore, you can probably suffer sunburns and redness which make your skin feel warm to the touch.
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Premature aging is one of those effect, being the result of unprotected UV exposure. If you are using periodic the artificial tanning, your skin will take the form of a leathery, wrinkled skin with dark spots. Moreover, the unprotected exposure to harmful UV rays will affect your collagen and elastin fibers in your skin and encourages the apparition of wrinkles. When it comes to treatments, you need to consider chemical peels, skin fillers, dermabrasion and several skin lightening creams which can brithen your skin and maintain it healthy.

Skin cancer

Artificial tanning is often associated with skin cancer. The most dangerous form of skin cancer is melanoma which begins in the epidermal cells. However, if it 's detected in its early stages, this form of skin cancer may be curable. The most common symptoms of melanoma are unexplained scaliness, bleeding on the skin 's surface, dark pigmentation and any other spot of your skin which feels painful and itchy. However, to avoid these skin disorders, you shouldn 't use UV radiation, because these can damage the DNA in your skin cells.

Is Artificial Tanning Dangerous for Your Skin?

The artificial tanning is very dangerous for your skin. In fact, any UV exposure from the sun or from some artificial sources including the tanning beds can cause various skin problems such as skin cancer, premature aging and

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