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An opinion article addressing mothers-to-be or soon-to-be-parents who believe that the creation of artificial wombs is good for premature babies, to be published in The Washington Post. The Washington Post reaches interested mothers-to-be audience that holds a desire to learn more things daily.
The Age of Artificial Wombs
Imagine a world where the infant mortality rate is little to none existent. A world where premature babies are given a second chance to develop the way they were meant to be. The artificial womb has the potential to change all of that. In a recent research, a group of researchers have been able to create an artificial womb and tested it in premature lamb fetuses. They were successful to keep the gestation process going, even after being taken out of the womb. Doctors are developing these artificial wombs to grow embryos outside of the woman’s body. According to the research group, premature babies are born with many complications, “including underdeveloped lungs, specific nutritional needs, neurodevelopmental
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At the end of the day, it will be up to the parents on whether they will want to use the womb. Now you may think if the artificial womb can help the baby then wouldn’t it be obvious to just go with that option? It would be better to go with that option, but the mother may be too emotionally attached to the baby she wouldn’t want to let the doctors use the womb on her baby since the number of months she would have to be apart from them may seem long in her point of view. This can cause complications between the doctors and parents, because it is up to the doctors to help as many patients as they can, and that baby is one of their patients. The doctors will have given the choice to the parents and they will have to follow the decisions that the parents choose to
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