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Arts Education, is it Worth the Funding Over STEM? President Barack Obama said, “The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.” (In-text) The arts have many amazing benefits to students of all creeds. Countless peer-reviewed and longitudinal studies prove this statement. Of the many countless benefits, a few are, stronger cognitive development, positive psychological and mental benefits, and the ability for high-risk students to jump the educational gap. Even more so, there are more disadvantages to cutting the arts than there are benefits. Therefore arts education deserves equal funding to STEM education to help give students a higher chance of success in life. The arts are essential to every part of life, children develop skills that are otherwise underdeveloped without the arts. Dr. David A. Sousa, a member of the Cognitive…show more content…
These scientists and engineers believe that STEM education helps bridge the ethnic and gender gaps that are sometimes found in the math and science fields (Why is STEM education so important). While it is true that STEM helps bridge these gaps, there are still children left behind, kids that aren’t interested in those fields. The arts, however, encompass all of these students, which truly bridges the educational gaps found today. People also believe that, “STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives” (Why is STEM education so important). Yes, STEM is integral to students daily lives, but a lot of what you learn in STEM classes are also learned in arts classes. Students in Stem are taught to look at all of the possible options and more. Students in the arts are taught the same thing, look at a piece of music or art and figure out how you can shape it into your own; thus all of the possibilities and more. According to the California Department of
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