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The Evolution of Asian American Culture
The United States is not a “melting pot” of cultures but is more complex like a “salad bowl” where foreign and domestic influences combine to create a society where individual differences in gender, race religion, or ethnic background are valued. Immigrants strived to become the ideal “American” citizen, a more historically accurate metaphor is that the U.S. has had a cultural “cookie cutter” with a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, male mold; but the view of culture has changed. Today, with the increase of numerous subcultures, diversity is greater valued and accepted. The growing acknowledgment of Asian American subculture present is in social media as a result of the continuously growing Asian American population. Ever since Asians first arrived in the mid-nineteenth century, the expansion and
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Lee, a professor at the University of Victoria and expert on on Asian American immigration and population trends, the future of Asian American culture is be shaped by three major factors: the social status and position of Asian Americans; the meaning of “Asian American” in an increasingly diverse population; and the demographic impact of Asians on the U.S. population and society. As the world undergoes globalization and a growing network of international people, society becomes more homogeneous. Subsequently, people begin to value uniqueness and diversity. America, the “salad bowl” of culture has become more and more complex with new cultures being added to the mix and old cultures consumed by the dominating taste of others. What it means to be “American” has expanded, giving way to dozens of distinct subcultures. With cultural pluralism, the hostility and discrimination of mainstream culture can be removed. The flourishing and evolving Asian American subculture are present in social media, cuisine, literature etc. Today, to identify oneself as Asian American can be something one does not have to be ashamed

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