Essay On Asian Americans

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This refers to a group of marginalized American citizens with origin from the Asian continent. The coming of Asians into America can be traced as far as the 1810s, between 1850 and 1905 a lot of Asians mostly Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos and later south Asian Americans immigrated into America in large numbers mostly as unskilled laborers. As their numbers increased rapidly1, ‘the model minority’ as they were referred to back then started facing racial discrimination in the U.S. This resulted as the other Americans saw them as a threat to job opportunities hence a generalized dislike towards them resulted. This was until the year 1965 when changes were made in the immigration laws eliminating race as an immigration factor. An influx of Asian immigration into the U.S resulted with many coming as students, engineers or businessmen. This gave opportunities to the…show more content…
Dalip Singh got into the U.S congress in California, He was followed by Daniel K. Luouye when he was elected into the senate in Hawaii the year 19623 .This success and Rapid growth of Asian Americans can be attributed to their cultural belief in Hard work and educaton4. According to a research carried out by PEW centre, parents to Asian American children put a lot of pressure on them to succeed and even exceed their achievement4. From the research 93% of the public claimed Asian Americans were hard working as compared to 57% who claimed Americans in General were hardworking. Asked whether hard work was equal to success; 69% of Asian Americans responded with a yes as compared to a 58% yes by the other Americans4. This clearly illustrates the hard work culture of the Asian Americans. This has led to their rapid growth in America making Asians America the biggest, successful and powerful marginalized group in terms of wealth, education, job opportunities as well as
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