Essay On Asian Carp

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An invasive species is defined as a species that isn’t native to a country and has negative effects on our economy, environment, or health. The species I am researching is the Asian carp. Its scientific name is Cyprinous Capario. The Asian carp live in many different areas around the United States, such as the Great Lakes area and the Mississippi River. Lake Michigan is home to very diverse populations and species. The introduction of Asian carp into the Great Lakes has had an adverse effect on native fish and could jeopardize the fishing industry, particularly lake perch and trout populations. The Asian carp eat many tiny plants and animals, which are food for many native fish. This will eventually affect the population and growth of the Great Lakes native fish. The Asian carp should be removed from the Great Lakes as shown in the following paragraphs. The Asian carp are an invasive species because they are killing off many native species by either destroying their habitats or eating a large amount of food. Their population spreads very quickly, which makes it hard to stop or control them. Carp that are filter-feeder often compete with fish such as bigmouth buffalo and paddlefish, by taking away some of their food sources. They can also affect human lives; they have been known to jump up to 10 feet out of the water and even break bones.…show more content…
Asian carp could make some native fish species extinct. There are many organizations such as The United States Geological Service that are trying to get rid of this problem by exterminating the Asian carp population completely. There aren’t many drawbacks of eliminating the community of Asian carp besides the fact that they won’t be able to fulfill their original duty. I think Asian carp need to be removed because they are doing more harm than good to our
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