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Throughout all of my years at school, I have been constantly reminded by my parents that I must do my very best in school so that my college will be paid for, because they wouldn’t have enough money to put me through. The ASPMA Scholarship would mean a lot to me as it would help me greatly and enhance my college experience by allowing me to have the highest possible grades, help me grow into an involved, more social person, and relieve some stress that inevitably comes to every college student. Since I would rather not assume student loans during college, I must work if my scholarships don’t cover all of my school expenses. The more I work, the less time I will have to study, and the more stressed out I will be. I believe the ASPMA Scholarship will help me to have the best grades possible because with more funds, I will have to work less, giving me more time to study and less scenarios to worry about. I…show more content…
As a person who is extremely prone to be anxious about all three of those areas, I need to have as much covered as I can so that I can enjoy my college years. If I were granted the ASPMA Scholarship, a large portion of the stress that I would have to experience because of money would be alleviated, and I would have more time to participate in stress-relieving or stress-reducing activities. This would help me to combat all the stress-related mental and physical problems that college students often go through, therefore thoroughly enhancing my college experience. I have worked very hard all of my high school years to reach this point of being considered for a scholarship, and I believe that if granted, the ASPMA Scholarship will greatly improve my college experience, and through me, possibly others’ as well. The best possible grades, expanding my social circle, and keeping stress down would most definitely enhance my college
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