Assault Weapons Banned

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Would banning of assault weapons reduce crime? Assault weapons are some of the most dangerous weapons in the US. However, a big issue with any kind of gun isn’t just the type of gun, but the amount of ammunition the gun can hold. The typical civilian assault rifle holds 30 rounds of ammunition and can be easily reloaded within seconds. This makes it easy for mass shootings to occur similar to the shooting in Las Vegas. Banning assault weapons would make the world much safer by saving many lives. The production, sale, and possession of assault weapons for private citizens should be banned in the US. Assault-style rifles are very dangerous weapons that can be used for very massive shootings, resulting in a very large death toll. In the two…show more content…
Even if assault weapons are banned, who is to say that other weapons can’t be used to commit crimes. Handguns, revolvers, and knives are just some weapons that can be used to commit crimes. From 1994 to 2004, Congress banned the manufacture, sale, and transfer of large amounts of assault weapons. However, a study conducted by the Department of Justice in 2004 found that there was no evidence that the ban on assault weapons had any effect on crime or gun violence, and that if it were to be renewed, it would have only a small effect. Even though there are many mass shootings in the US, assault weapons are actually not even connected to a significant amount of crime in the US. Assault weapons only many effect mass shootings, and even then not all mass shootings involve assault weapons in the first place. If anything a ban on assault weapons would just lead to a ban on handguns. Trying to get assault weapons banned will just lead to the broader focus which is a ban on handguns, which are more crimes are committed with anyway. Also, you can never really put a stop to psychopaths in the US, people can always find a way to get ahold of dangerous assault weapons. Also, the likeliness of get killed with a knife, strangled, or beaten to death is much higher than getting shot with an assault weapon. Even if there were to be another ban like the one from 1994, there are still many other weapons that can be used for homicide just as equally as an assault
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