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Assessment Methods There are a number of methods that can be applied in assessing the training techniques. The two best assessment techniques that are recommended for this training includes the use of quizzes and online learning modules.
One of the best ways of assessing the progress of students in a training program is through the use of quizzes. Using quizzes happens to be the best way of gauging the knowledge of the students, assessing their progress and creating a friendly in-class knowledge (Baer, et al., 2006). The use of this assessment method is usually effective in the process of assessing what the students know, clarify any forms of misconceptions and drive home the main points on what is supposed to be learned in the whole program (Cole, 2005).
Online learning modules This is the other best assessment method that can be used in the course of a training program to track the progress of those taking part in the whole process. Employing this assessment method is important as it allows the learners to solve any of the problems that relate to their study programs (Baer, et al., 2006). Using this particular tool is important as it provides the trainers with the analytical know how of the learners taking part in the training program. the results of the assessment can be used
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The main benefits of using the recommended assessment methods and tools include being easy to administer, different topics and themes can be assessed at the same time and it makes it easy to establish a better relationship between the trainers and the people being trained (Cole, 2005). It is also very easy to do effective results communication when using the recommended methods and tools. Both the methods and the tools recommended also demonstrate the concern about gathering feedback during the entire training class (Carter, et al.,
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