Essay On Assimilation

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development, fostering entrepreneurship, and safeguarding workers; and expanding opportunities for linguistics integration and education” (Office of the Press Secretary). Additionally, The Democratic party has also engaged in a group of Leaders, Program and Executive directors titled “Champions of Change: Immigrant Integration”, whose focus is assisting President Obama in building a bipartisan consensus to fix Americas broken immigration system, enabling it to meet America’s 21st century economy and security needs through Immigrant Integration (The White House). Although many progressive policies and programs exists, there are government sanctions that inadvertently discourage assimilation. The availability of bilingual education and voting…show more content…
Not to be confused with “acculturation”, assimilation describes “the process of taking in and fully understanding information or ideas”, or “the process of becoming similar to something”. In this sense, encouragement is made for immigrants to realize and respect American values and beliefs while becoming woven into the National tapestry, but not committing cultural genocide. Assimilation is important for the immigrant to feel included, equal and respected to and by their fellow American Citizens. Assimilation is important as it fortifies the Nation, protects the social integrity and cohesion that uphold America. Assimilation is critical as it dispels confusion and irrational fear of differences and diversity, dissipating dangerous and erroneous discrimination against immigrants. It is America’s historical plight as Jacoby eloquently phrases it, “that we as a nation not only can but must continue to absorb those who arrive on our shores: absorb them economically, culturally, politically and, perhaps most important, give them a sense that they belong” (424). “E pluribus unum”, "out of many, one" is the motto of the United States, originally selected by the Great Seal Committee in 1776. This dedication cements the American ideal that the unified whole is made of many; a modern day foundation of many assimilated
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