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5 Beautiful Astrology Reason For Divorce We all know about weddings taking place and in unsuccessful marriages most important to quarrels & argument, separation and then divorce. According to Hindu tradition divorce is a very easily broken and sensitive matter. In best part of the marriage’s that happen, normally horoscopes of the boy and girl are matched and then marriages are formalized. Although the horoscopes being matched than too divorce takes place. There are various reasons for divorce and some of the most important and receptive reasons are followings. 1. Sexual relationship has the very big importance in the marriage. no sexual relationship can lead your marriage relationship to the end. 2. Not capable to have children after marriage. It is also very big reason for the most of divorces. 3. Sometimes their horoscope becomes responsible for the divorce because some people have two or more marriage in their fortune. 4. Misunderstanding also becomes the reason for the divorce. 5. Lack of faith and believe can be reason for the divorce But we can protect our marriage relationship by taking some good decision to solve these problems but when we do not want to change our rules of life to project love marriage then the divorce take place. According to…show more content…
So our future of the love and marriage has written in our book of future, but sometimes our mistakes can be responsible for the end up of the relationship. The late marriage is also very big reason for the divorce, because if your age of marriage passed once then you cannot give enough love to your partner. If you become overage for the marriage you become unable to fulfill sexual desire of your partner. To keep balance in the marriage life you should give the satisfied love to your partner, and if you cannot give him or satisfied love then it will take your marriage to the

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