Essay On Athena's Relationship In The Odyssey

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In the poem The Odyssey, there are gods and mortals alike, where they have their typical relationships. The typical relationships that the gods and the humans/mortals have is the give and receive relationship, meaning the humans give offers and/or sacrifices and the gods receive those offers and sacrifices. In addition, to those simple relations there are also ones of the complex variety. Most of the complex relations have to deal around Odysseus since he is the main character to the poem. Odysseus’s relationship is between Athena- goddess of wisdom and purposeful battle and also the daughter of Zeus; and the other relationship that Odysseus have is with Poseidon, god of the sea. First, with the relation between Athena and Odysseus, Athena has this soft spot for the courageous and sharp-witted Odysseus. Athena has this liking…show more content…
The reason for Athena always helping Odysseus was because she felt this sort of connection with him; they both were these wise and battle savvy god and mortal and in a sense she felt like they were one. “Great Odysseus who excels all men in wisdom, excels in offerings too…” (The Odyssey 79) Thus, having this affection toward Odysseus, she also helps his son, Telemachus. In book 2 when Telemachus sets sail to find his father, Athena disguised as a mentor, helps Telemachus along giving him advice and keeping from harm’s way. Athena teaches Odysseus about spiritual growth. When Odysseus was nearly killed off the shore of Scheria, the first is island he reaches, he could had died if it was not for Athena. Athena let Odysseus experience the storm, in hopes of him getting stronger for going through it. Also, the relationship of Athena and Odysseus also taught other humans, that obeying the gods something good can come out of it by having a god or two have their back for a needed
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