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In this paper, I will compare and discuss the authentic, Athenian Monument that came about after the war at Marathon and the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial that is located in World’s Fair Park. The Athenian Monument, which was set up in honor of the war dead in ancient Athens, is a single slab of white marble and is comprised of a tribe name (Erechtheis), a four-line short poem, and a casualty list of twenty-two names. The name of the tribe is located at the top of the stone, while the epigram is right below it. The rest of the space is taken up by the twenty-two names, which are lined up in a checkerboard style, alternately indented and spaced out. The East Tennessee Veterans Memorial Monument, which was created more recently right here in Knoxville, is comprised of thirty-two granite towers and a large bell tower in the middle that was taller than me. The towers are engraved,…show more content…
It expresses the people who have died fighting for our country and Franklin D. Roosevelt who fought for freedom of speech and worship and the freedom from want and fear. This monument is here to remind us to be grateful of the brave individuals who fought on behalf of our community and the fact that we are free Americans, thanks to President Roosevelt. It is interesting to see the relation of the lists of people on the towers from so long ago to the East Tennessee counties that we all live in today. The Athenian monument, with its list of people and their tribe, shows how proud Athens is of the ones who died in the fight to protect Athens, which is similar to the pride that the people of Tennessee have for the ones who have died and are now named on the East Tennessee Veteran Memorial. This shows us that even with how different days were back in the AD times, they still cared enough to build a monument in commemoration of the people who sacrificed their lives to fight on behalf of their

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