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When a deadly crash happened on the strip of Las Vegas, a Wisconsin doctor who had been on vacation with his two kids and wife responded immediately. Atif Qureshi, 52, a man who lives in Wisconsin, said that he had been driving to the Bellagio so that he and his family view the show with the fountain dancing. During this time, a speeding car passed their own and plowed directly into a large amount of tourists on the sidewalk. The accident happened near the Paris Hotel & Casino and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino. This was where they held the Miss Universe pageant. As a result of the accident, one woman died and over three dozen people had been injured. When Atif Qureshi witnessed the accident, he immediately parked his vehicle and responded to those who had been injured. He told the Oregonian that in moments like that, you do first and think later. Qureshi along with two other people who identified as doctors and…show more content…
One person had suffered a brain injury as a result of the accident and a few others were laying unconscious on the pavement. One person had suffered a fractured ankle. Qureshi reflects on how people of multiple backgrounds suddenly converged with each other to help everyone through the chaotic scene. The people who had been hurt and those who were helping came from every part of the globe. About 20 minutes after the accident had happened, emergency personnel started to arrive at the scene. When Qureshi examined the incident more closely, he noted how the events could have played out differently, and he remembered incidents that had involved weapons with more casualties. No matter what the circumstances would have been, Qureshi says that he would have responded no matter what. In addition, he would have helped no matter where in the world this would have happened. Qureshi says that he could not think of anything else, other than those people in need. Essentially, he went into doctor
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