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Attending P-CEP are all kinds of extraordinary students with many different personalities. High School is a place where most teenagers find themselves and learn the type of person they want to become. Wesley is a senior and attends Plymouth High School. Who in your life has influenced you the most and what have they taught you, I asked him. His family has played a big part of who he is and has shaped him greatly. Wesley said, “My father for sure, he taught me to never be afraid to speak up for myself and to always be prepared for anything that life could bring my way.” Wesley is always very tough and confident, and his dad taught him to be at a very young age.
Wesleys childhood definitely plays a big part in how he handles situations now. The next question I asked was, what is the biggest obstacle you have overcame. “Taking AP Chemistry, I really struggled and was failing at one point. I knew I had to do better so I really challenged myself and asked my teacher for help, started going to tutoring after school, and studied more. I ended up with a B in the class”, he said. Wesley was determined to succeed and with his
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What is your vision of your future, I asked. Wesley said, “I want to go to Purdue University and study mechanical engineering and get my masters degree. I want to be able to get an engineering job in Florida and buy a house there and start a family. Eventually I plan to own my own business.” Not only is Wesley smart and talented, he is wise. So many of his friends envy him because of his confidence and positivity.
I interviewed Wesley because he is a good example of how High School Students and teenagers are much more mature than most people believe. The world is always adapting and teenagers nowadays are much more knowledgeable than teenagers back in the 70’s. Wesley has a great mind set and is a very intelligent park

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