Essay On Atticus Being A Hero

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A hero can mean many different things. It could be a man unknowingly be chosen and rise to the point or a man that chooses to be the hero. But is the man that chose to be the hero really going to do the heroic things oppose to the man chosen on the spot. In Metress 's literary criticism, he suggests that Atticus was not a model of moral courage. The critic 's argument is invalid because Atticus did not need to volunteer because Judge Taylor already knew Atticus 's standpoint and work ethic. He also did help fight against racism in the town by persuading people in the courtroom and inform them of a man equally as good and capable of that as a white man would be. Atticus was known for his hardworking attribute and his will to succeed in whatever needed to be accomplished. He showed in the court what success really was. According to Metress, Atticus was chosen and did not voluntarily defend a black citizen of Maycomb. Although Atticus did not volunteer that does not make him a bad representative. He was specially appointed by Judge Taylor knew he would try to change this towns mind. Atticus did not let Judge…show more content…
This statement abides the fact that Atticus worked on this trail. Atticus showed what success really was and was praised for it. This quote is an example of how Atticus was recognized for his actions. "I looked around. They were standing. All around us and in the balcony on the opposite wall, the negroes were getting to their feet"(Lee 211). The quote shows how even though the case was lost, the black citizens of Maycomb still showed appreciation and thought that he did his best, rose to the occasion, and did a heroic act towards the civil rights movement. This establishes a fact that Atticus did persuade he town that racism is bad and should be stopped. Also the people who were being punished and on he bad side of racism, thought he deliberately tried to stop
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