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Mercedes Tyliszczak Mr. Hamelin ENG 2D1 4 April 2016 Literature and Writing: Character Analysis The optimal Southern liberal lawyer in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird; the main character Atticus Finch's has a great moral standard which any man would be proud to obtain. He is an archetype of personal courage in the first part of this novel chapters 1 through 11, and his courage is demonstrated over time repeatedly. Atticus displays his definition of courage through his actions and behaviors within chapter 9 and 10. During the whole of chapter 9, Atticus reveals moral courage when he decides to defend and protect an innocent man named Tom Robinson. Who is a black man that has been accused of raping a white woman in the town Maycomb which is extremely racist. He observes the challenges that come with Tom Robinson’s case with his brother for one, there is no real…show more content…
Atticus knows the outcome of this trial before it even has begun which shows his hopelessness for the case and his braver for taking this case. Tom cannot win against the word of a white man in 1930s Alabama. He also realizes accepting this case will mean exposing his family to verbal and possibly physical abuse from the townspeople in which Atticus through this trial will have nothing to gain and everything to virtually loses. These losses may include future clients, family safety, political clout and loss of friends. However, one thing he will not lose is his own self-confidence or his perspective of what is right and wrong. Further, Atticus wished to never have a case of this kind, but when Judge Taylor had ordered him to be the defense lawyer. More
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