Essay On Atticus Justice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Why did Atticus defend a black man? Justice and being given the chance of a fair trial. Atticus Finch believed that everyone, black or white should be given the chance, to be proven not guilty. Even though some people thought Atticus was wrong in defending Tom Robinson, Atticus knew it was right to defend Tom because he knew everyone deserved a fair trial. The reason why Atticus defended a black man and did what most everyone would never think of doing is because of justice and civilly going against the norm. The character, a lawyer named Atticus, also endangers not only his own life but his family's, by defending a Negro. He believes he is protecting an innocent man. Even though he is black. Atticus could not live with himself if he failed to give his utmost effort in clearing the accused, Tom Robinson’s, name. The lawyer feels that he has to do it. The people of Maycomb are small minded and hypocritical, Atticus Finch is not. Nothing can be done to make the towns people hear the truth. Tom Robinson, would be a free man, living with his family, if it wasn’t for the people of Maycomb. The only things he were guilty of were being a neighbour to someone in trouble. Guilty of…show more content…
All evidence pointed to Mr. Ewell as the offender, a man who spends all his money on whiskey and lets his children cry from starvation. While, Tom Robinson is a good person, with a good job and a good family but with a bad, bad skin color. And that's the important factor. The judge, jury, both lawyers, practically the entire town knew that Tom was innocent. Did that change their opinion? No, they let their thick headedness get in the way and sentence an innocent man. It was proven that he did not rape nor beat Mayella, but the people of Maycomb still didn't listen. Why? They are too set in their ways to believe that a black man is innocent and a white man is guilty. Except for Atticus Finch. He saw the good in everyone and acted with
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