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Bringing Up “Before Jem looks at anyone else he looks at me, and I’ve tried to live so I can look squarely back at him.” This is what Atticus says in a conversation of his parenting methods. In her novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee demonstrates the most effective way to raise children is with a mutual relationship of respect. The method of parenting in this coming to age story is not conventional, but the results show that a respectful relationship is impactful to a child when compared to other examples. The book gives a detailed description of Atticus’s raising of Jem and Scout. However, many inferences have to be made about their friend Dill. He is an only child, with an absent father, and very little parenting figures in his life. This creates a difference from Jem and Scout’s relationship with their father. Atticus is a father, a mother, and a teacher to these kids and effectiveness of the respect in their relationship is shown. Jem and Scout are well behaved children- for the most part- because of this respect for Atticus. When Atticus tells Scout to stop fighting with other kids, she does as she is told. When Jem is told to read to Mrs. Dubose he does, because…show more content…
As we see in To Kill A Mockingbird this is the way Atticus raises his children. He is met with criticism and challenges but he has taught his kids well and they are growing to be wonderful, respectful, people. Many other examples are shown, such as Dill, in which the relationship between parent and child is not favorable causing a rough childhood that follows these children throughout their lives. The bringing up of a child is crucial for them to learn life lessons and with a mutual respectful relationship not only will a child learn new lessons, but the parent will as well. When raising your own children, consider if doing what is conventional is the proper method because sometimes it 's more effective to go against
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