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Attrition refers to the number of people that leave an organisation during a given period of time due to reasons such as retirement, resignation and death. Separation of an employee from an organization usually is an expensive affair. The organisation spends a lot of time, effort and money in recruiting, selecting, training and maintaining an employee within the organization. So when an employee leaves the organisation, all these efforts go in vain. Hence as far as possible, a company desires to have a minimum attrition rate. A lot of factors affect an employee’s choice of leaving an organisation. They may either be organizational factors or personal factors.
Almost all the industries are facing the problem of attrition. IT, BPO, banking and retail sectors are badly hit by the wave of attrition. The IT sector witnesses attrition rate of 25 percent.
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Since attrition is an issue plaguing many organisations and industries, considerable work has been done in this area. Devi and Panchanatham (2010) commented on the structure of call centers and considered it a major cause of employees leaving a call center. According to them, the existing system is rigid and lacks career progression. Also, new entrants to this industry are more susceptible to the pressure of the industry. So they suggested overhauling the recruitment, selection and training program to retail employees. Lack of females at top positions was also cited as a problem.
In their study, Shukla and Sinha (2013) suggested that the most important factors impacting employee turnover are dissatisfaction from job and work environment.
Webb (2011) linked the workers’ motivation to the emotional intelligence of the leaders and managers. It affects the employees’ loyalty towards the organisation. It was suggested that the organisations must assess the emotional intelligence of managers and constantly evaluate the level of worker commitment and satisfaction with the leader and the

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