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Audiovisual Translation
Audiovisual translation (or AVT) also referred to as multimedia translation, at times, is a division of translation that involves the conversion of multimedia and multimodal texts to a different languages and cultures. The conversion process uses a multimedia electronic system. Audiovisual translation includes activities such as; subtitling, interpreting, surtitling or closed captioning. However, it can also involve conversion from one media to another. The main fields that utilize this technique are; advertisement, theatre, cinema and audiovisual device communication. An audiovisual text is multimodal if its production and interpretation apply the use of a variety of modes. If the various modes are combined in different kinds of media, focusing more on the screen, it becomes a multimedia text (Díaz-Cintas & Anderman, 2009).In recent times, audiovisual translation has been incorporated into academic research where it is separately taught as translation studies.
In the Meta; Translators’ Journal, Chaume (2004) suggests that for efficient audiovisual translation, application of knowledge from other disciplines in necessary for adequate
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‘In the New Trends of Audiovisual Translation’ he believes that the increased popularity of AVT materials in the society has contributed to its widespread as well as arousing interest is such communication. The U.S ranks as the biggest exporter of audiovisual production, therefore, posing competition to the film industry of many countries. The U.S and the UK show little or no interest in productions of foreign languages despite having subtitles or surtitles. However, English appears to be the dominant language and being the direction AVT materials are translated to. The cinemas contribute significantly to the alteration of audiovisuals while translating, in an effort to mirror reality and to shape the audience’

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