Essay On Auditioning For The All-County Honor's Band

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“If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t you’re right.” Ever since I was young, that remained one of my father’s favorite quotes to say, if it be a disagreement with a friend, or working on long division problem. While growing up, knowing that my siblings had not done quite well in school, and that was one of my biggest incentives to do well. I had grown up on one of the worst sides of town, living in an apartment complex with one of the worst reputations, living off the checks my father brought in from his back disability, and food stamps. Growing up it was just myself, my sister and my Dad, and on the occasion visiting with my mother every other weekend, and when she was gone, us two girls spent it with my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family. Without having my older sister around to assist me with school work or such, I happened to learn my lessons with the little aid from my teachers while at school. Not having an at home older…show more content…
Advanced levels of my peers compared to me showed where the previous school had, nonetheless I demonstrated my dedication by following through with clarinet and joining marching band in 8th grade while mostly everyone in my class had quit. Auditioning for the All-County Honor’s Band my freshman year showed to be a wise decision and after being accepted, above the junior classmate who played clarinet with myself, I was awarded first chair in band. Continuing still with participating in solo and ensemble, and once again when I told my band director last year I wanted to play a Class B solo, he told me I wasn’t capable of it. Although, I played half of it that year for comments only, and took it this year for a rating only to earn a 2 (Excellent). One of my biggest accomplishments in band would have to be being accepted into the All Ohio State Fair Band, as one of the 40 out of the 52 that
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