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Do you think Australia 's flag represents you as a citizen? Western Sydney University conducted a survey, and out of 8140 people who were involved in the survey, 66% wanted the unpleasant flag to be changed. Do you think changing the flag is not a major ordeal? Think again. A purpose of a flag is to represent its country. The Australian flag is an archaic symbol that reflects the colonial relationship, which no longer subsists. Our present flag represents us in the modern world, is an impossible place to adopt for three main reasons. Foreigners find it difficult to identify the dreadful Australian flag, it does not represent all Australian citizens and, lastly, the Union Jack on the top corner suggests Australia is a British colony.

Is Australia 's flag easily recognisable in the modern world? Countries use flags so people can instantly recognise the country it represents. When the Australian flag is flown, foreigners do not easily associate it with Australia and are often confused. Our current, dreadful flag features common symbols that do not represent modern
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Why is another country 's flag on ours? Aren 't we an independent country? It has been said that the Union Jack on the flag reflects Australia 's history. The Union Jack on the Australian flag is not seen as history by people around the world, rather it is seen to represent Australia as being a British colony. Often when an Australian flag is draped behind a speaker, television will capture only the Union Jack on our flag. The distinguishing Federation Star and Southern Cross are not seen. This gives no indication of Australian history, or indeed any sign of Australia at all. We are not a British colony anymore. Why should we have the Union Jack on our flag, when it doesn 't represent us? The Union Jack featured on the Australian flag may once have been relevant in our world but in the modern world, it holds no special significance for Australia. Therefore, we have to change our flag to the
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