Essay On Australian Identity In The Castle

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Australian Identity
“It’s not a house, it’s a home”. Aussie Films are renowned for their quirky comments like this, and their representation of characters, often using exaggeration to exemplify the inimitable nature of Australian cultural identity and accent. Good morning all, I am Dereck Letcher and I am here to talk about how Darryl is the Australian identity personified. The 1997 film, The Castle, produced by Rob Sitch, is about Darryl Kerrigan, an everyday Aussie forced to fight for his home after they have been told they must vacate by the airport authorities. Darryl takes the challenges to heart and shows the persistent, dogmatic and satisfied nature of Australians. Therefore, I believe this is why Darryl is a prime representation of typical Australians.

Darryl is a courageous character who persists even when all odds are against him. An example of this is when he is first denied by Dennis Denuto his local lawyer, to take on the case against the airport authorities. Darryl then persists with Dennis to take on the case which then is accepted. Darryl’s persistent nature, although an unsuccessful attempt in court with Dennis, then sighted the opportunity to meet Lawrence Hammill, a retired Queen's counsel, who eventually won the High Court
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In the film, he is seen stubbornly fighting for what he sees as a right and just cause; that is, he, his family and his neighbours all have the right to stay in their homes despite stern opposition. Here Mr Kerrigan personifies the common phrase, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’. Looking back at the Anzacs, they too showed the Australian dogmatic nature when fighting in Gallipoli. In this manner Australians never shy away from a challenge, which shows the hard-working Aussie spirit, who remain optimistic and hold good values and principles. Therefore although Mr Kerrigan’s character is exaggerated, he is still able to be identified having values of a typical
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