Essay On Authoritarian Government

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In the Authoritarian style of government on the other hand, has many benefits, advantages and like any other type of government, has its own disadvantages and weaknesses. I remember in our previous discussions, we talked about Hobbes’ state of nature which states that a person is naturally selfish and that without a government, there would be total chaos so in result, man agrees to be a part of a government. In this sense, man would agree to be under that government and would agree to be served. It is not assured that there would not be chaos if one joins a government but through this form of government, war would be lessened – and it could be render void. Under this type of government, there are benefits and advantages as well as restrictions.…show more content…
Since the leader has all the power to himself, people then resign their general will to the government. Corruption could be lessened – or better yet, eliminated – since the power is limited when it comes to those who are in a lower position. Also, processing laws are implemented faster and easier unlike the process they do in democracy wherein two or three branches have to discuss it which then takes months and even worse – years. In this type of government, protection of the people is assured wherein laws that would be better for the common good are implemented. The only problem that would be bad for this is if the dictator seated is an extreme leader who would see violence as the best way to bring peace and stability to the country. If the leader does not have the public’s interest on his side, it would be hard to maintain his power and stability of ruling in that certain nation. In times of crisis, this type of government would be a good resort in order to bring back a good government to the country. Since we are facing so many dilemmas now, this is a good type of government for
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