Essay On Authority Figures In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In the story Animal Farm the animals are mistreated by the pigs. The animals get limited freedom and limited access to food. Due to the strict dystopian society, the animals obey all commandments made from the authority figures. In the story Animal Farm by George Orwell the high class authority figures tend to misuse their power by treating the animals brutally in favor for needs. The three ways they show this are: by not following the commandments they made, by threatening the animals and reducing food, and by taking credit on the windmill. To begin with, the authority figures, the pigs did not follow the commandments they all agreed upon by changing the rules to fit their needs, such as when they bought whisky and did not share with the rest of the animals and changed a rule after an incident that happened with a pig. When Muriel points out the fifth commandment seems different, the animals read, “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess” (Orwell 73). This shows how after Napoleon, the high class authority figure had his incident he had changed the commandment by adding a couple more words so he can still drink but not a lot. This relates to the authority figures changing the commandments to fit their needs since they changed the fifth…show more content…
In Animal Farm the animals are brainwashed by the authority figures Squealer, Napoleon and Snowball. Squealer’s influential speeches brainwash the animals to doing what he says, Napoleon’s forceful commands brainwash the animals into doing what he says and, Snowball’s intelligent mind brainwashes the animals that he is a passionate leader and makes the animals do what he says. The authority figures corrupt their power by managing the animals viciously for needs. The three ways they showed this was by: Not following commandments, threatening the animals and reducing food, taking credit over the
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