Collision Repair Industry Essay

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Collision Repair Industry Roots

Similar to the cars we drive, the history of collision repair has evolved over the years. Mass production of the Model T Ford in 1908 made cars affordable to the typical individual. Back then, the most common transportation modes were foot, bicycle, train, ship or horse. The novelty of automobiles meant that only builders of the Model T Ford were qualified to service these vehicles. In the early 1900s, you relied on bike mechanics or machinists for repairs. Increased use of the automobile by the public created the demand for collision repair services. As a result, a vibrant auto body repair industry emerged, and with it, the history of car colors began. Research into auto body colors intensified significantly.
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Auto body mechanics require having a broader skill base than ever before. Modern vehicles require specialized and extensive knowledge and skill sets for qualification as an auto repair specialist. Safety standards imposed for modern cars are compelling than ever. Body painting needs to match the manufacturer’s original specifications. Seemingly, modern cars appear fragile and cheap, as they are designed to crush or collapse by absorbing impact to shield passengers from injury. Thus, modern cars experience more damage than older cars in the event of a collision. But in reality, vehicles absorb crash impact rather than passengers. According to a study performed by Experian Automotive, about 250 million vehicles are present on American roads. This amount of traffic inevitably results in collisions and vehicle damage ensuring that our auto body repair service remains relevant. These reasons make it imperative to have your car serviced by certified auto body specialists. At Liberty Collision we offer various services (see here: and (here: to find our location in Reno, Nevada. You should expect top notch service from our specialists at competitive
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