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Vehicle ride comfort is one of the most important performances of vehicle; the research of automotive ride comfort is getting more and more important. In this paper is to design and develop a system that is “Automatic ground clearance adjustment system” to overcome this problem by adjusting the ground clearance over this particular time period. Automatic ground clearance adjustment system mainly consists of six major parts such as Chassis, D.C motor, Embedded Development board with Radio Frequency Modules (Encoder & Decoder) and micro controller, IR sensors, alarms, indicators and batteries. The average time required by the system to vary the ground clearance of the vehicle is two seconds. The cost of implementing this system is also low. By implementing “Automatic ground clearance adjustment system”, we can vary the ground clearance of the vehicle. So there is need of developing a system which can vary the ground clearance of the vehicle.
Keywords: Ground Clearance, suspension system INTRODUCTION
This paper presents a summary of research into the development and implementation of a
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Ground clearance is measured with standard vehicle equipment, and for cars, is usually given with no cargo or passengers.Ground clearance is a critical factor in several important characteristics of a vehicle. For all vehicles, especially cars, variations in clearance represent a trade-off between handling and practicality. A higher ground clearance means that the center of mass of the car is higher, which makes for less precise and more dangerous handling characteristics (most notably, the chance of rollover is

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