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ABSTRACT An automatic lawn cutter robot that will help the user to cut the lawn in their lawn with less effort. The different sensors are used it will be detect and avoid objects. The main objective of this automatic lawn cutter is that the user can specify the area that is to be cut. Automatic Lawn cutter is a very useful device and simple in construction. It is used to maintain and upkeep lawns in gardens, schools, college’s etc. We have made some changes in the existing lawn cutter machine to make its application easier at reduced cost. Our main aim is to pollution control is attained through this. Unskilled operator can also operate easily and maintain the lawn very fine and uniform surface look. Our project is used to cut the different lawn for the different application. In this project use the solar panel for charge the battery and extend the working hour capacity to reduce the problem of battery low. Another direct battery charging facility is providing. Our project is very economical to other product available in market..1…show more content…
The main objective of this lawn cutter is that the lawn in the lawn must be mown with less effort. Also to cut the lawn of particular area as per user requirement. The sensors are the eyes of this lawn cutter. The other objective is that the automatic lawn cutter has to differentiate between lawn and concrete while monitoring its surroundings continuously. We wanted an ultrasonic sensor to detect if the lawn cutter was heading into an object. Safety is the main concern while designing the lawn cutter. As it has blades we wanted our lawn cutter not to be in operating mode if it was being held in the air by the user. Knowing that the user would be randomly holding the lawn cutter we needed a sensor to detect orientation. An automatic lawn cutter will relieve the consumer from mowing their own lawns and will reduce both environmental and noise

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