Essay On Autonomous Cars

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Technology will evolve, as it is in its natural way to do so. Thus, in the car manufacturing area the purpose for the near future is to produce autonomous cars. People love the idea of making driving more enjoyable and comfortable, and less stressing by continuously keeping the steering wheel and pushing the pedals. Having such technology available is great, but everyone is thinking about comfort, enjoyment and pleasure of traveling by car. There are more sensitive matters that must be discussed regarding autonomous cars, and some of them are responsibility and ethics. We have to think about who will be held responsible if something goes wrong and a car accident happens, with the involvement of autonomous cars. If the ethics of this issue disputed enough, and what is it considered to be ethic or not in this field. An autonomous car means that the driver is free of command on the entire journey. The car is responsible for changing lanes, direction, to pull over in cases of need, to accelerate or slow down, according to road conditions. Since the driver is not actually maneuvering the car if an accident happens, who is to blame for this situation, is another essential issue. You cannot put the blame on the car, as it is an object, and even if it rules by a performant…show more content…
Each party should be fully aware of what he might be held responsible for and do whatever it can to reduce the conditions that might lead to unfortunate events. Only by doing so, we can all reinforce the safety on public roads and diminish the number of car accidents. Our primary concern should be safety, and only after that comfort and the pleasure of driving. When other participants may be involved and injured in an event, which may be caused by you or your car, regardless if it is a regular or autonomous car, it is obvious that in both cases prevention and awareness are highly
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