Essay On Autonomy In Nursing

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A. A regulatory agency, such as a board of nursing, is a government agency that is established by law with the aim to protect the citizens through efforts of carefully setting the standards and maintaining the dignity nursing practice. Regulatory bodies such as the Board of Registered Nursing enforces and implements the Nursing Practice Act. This act involves the scope of practice and responsibilities fo registered nurses. A professional nursing organization on the other hand may admit those who show interest in participating. It lets registered nurses be involved and be updated in the constantly evolving practices of healthcare. According to Mathews (2012) this advocates for the nursing profession by generating the energy, flow of ideas,…show more content…
The patient has the right to free and informed consent as well as the right to refuse treatment. His right to decided whether he will be subjected to the proposed treatment or not is called autonomy. There are instances where a patient can be considered as incompetent in terms of decision making, especially when there is mental instability, so a nurse should seek possible proxy consent. This can be in the form of the closest of kin or durable power of attorney. There are also times in which the doctor can decide for the patient. Its when the doctor is acting as loco-parentis, if it is a matter of life and death and when there is a case involved like if a patient is 12 years old and in need of a blood transfusion but is a Jehovah’s witness. A nurse must do the best in her power to educate the patient and direct them towards decisions that will suite their situation and will provide them with more benefits rather than risks. It is also important to remember to respect the patient’s choices despite not agreeing with what they have decided on. There are some patients who refuse further treatment because their quality of life doesn’t improve. Some treatments are only palliative and some patients have long enjoyed their life and are comfortable with the idea of
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