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One of the major concerns in the aviation industry is the issue of security. The complexity of the matter prompts the need to employ a committed and skilled work force, including the persons working in the airplanes, and also those in the aircraft repair stations. The air accident investigators determine the causes and circumstances of air accidents and incidents to prevent future occurrences. Actually, such people usually strive to completely eliminate these incidents; however, it is quite impossible. Thus, the main objective is usually to reduce the number of security incidents achieved by instilling various measures.
Regulatory laws were passed in the United States in the 1920s with the aim of regulating civil aviation. Such laws included
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Radar is used to visualize weather patterns sometimes up to 300miles. The first navigation aid introduced in 1920s consisted of airfield lighting. It enabled pilots make landings in adverse weather conditions or extreme darkness. The Precision Approach Path Indicator has been used before to indicate the angle of descent to the airfield. In 1938, Instrument landing systems (ILS), utilizing the radio technology, was tested on a flight which made a landing in a snow storm in Pennsylvania. It was utilized with other technologies which included; ground-controlled approach (GCA) systems, distance measuring equipment (DME), and airport surveillance…show more content…
The European Strategic Safety Initiative is a partnership comprising the EASA and other parties in the aviation industry. It actually strives to enhance safety across Europe and the World at large. This can be achieved by coordinating with other safety initiatives in different parts of the world and also coming up with cost effective action plans. Thus, if well implemented, the initiatives can greatly impact the aviation

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