Teen Issues: The Awareness Of Teenage Issues

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The Awareness Of Teen Issues Growing up being a teenger is very hard and stressful. Teens have a lot of responsibility at a young age in life. The older a teenager gets the more problems and issues they have. A lot of teen issues deal with partaking in drugs, having underage sex, and developing eating disorder. The most common drug abuse for teens is alcohol. The younger teens are when they start drinking, they a greater a chance they have of becoming dependent on alcohol. Alcohol can spark a horrifying event or life changing. Some teens are peer pressured to drink alcohol. Several teens drink alcohol because they see other teens do it. Many young people simply don’t realize the physical dangers they face when they drink. Many teens who…show more content…
“Teens who suffered from self- starvation and weight loss are common middle age.” People with eating disorders have problems with their body image. There are 3 main eating disorder: Anorexia Nervosa, fear of gaining weight or becoming fat; Bulimia Nervosa, binge eating or purging or vomiting; Binge eating, eating until completely full. There are many risk factors for teen eating disorders, including family influences, sports, sexual abuse, etc. Eating disorders are deadly serious. Eating disorder are often concur by other illnesses. Teens have dramatic weight loss that can come from different mood swings, depression, family issues, or even relationship problems. Teens are most likely to develop abuse problem from different eating disorder. Also, teens with it have emotional or mental health problems also. It is common that a lot of teen girls don’t eat to try to impress guys because they are ashamed of their body image. Teens don 't realize the harm they do to their body when they overeat. The stomach acid can lead to tooth decay, hair loss,and heart issues including the heart loses muscle tissue which lead to heart failure or heart attack which can lead to death. People don 't understand teens issues. However, being a teenager is more tense then people realize. In addition, every teen is going to have an issue, that they are dealing with during their teen years. Therefore, teen issues are

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