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History: Aztec Life and Culture The Aztec civilization is one of the most spectacular examples of culture and art found in world history. The Aztecs were a group of American Indians speaking Nahuatl who arrived on the North American continent from the arid cactus lands of Northwest. They settled in Mexico for centuries where they were initially enslaved by the other Nahua tribes before emerging as a powerful tribe. The history of the Central Valley of Mexico after tenth century A.D. is dominated by a long tradition of tribal conflicts that led to the fall of several civilizations, replaced by subsequent Nahua tribes. The Aztecs called themselves Mexica, which was the name of priest-chief from ancient, legendary times of Mexi. There is a legendary story which tells that Mexica hailed from Chicomoztoc, the Seven Caves, from the northern lands called Aztlan i.e. the Place of Whiteness. The word Aztec is derived from this same place known as Aztlan. The shifting of Aztecs from the north to central part of Mexico marked the beginning of a tribal story; the tale about the quest and discovery of the omen and the…show more content…
An ordinary citizen wore an undyed loincloth and cloak and was not allowed to wear sandals in the palace, violation of law would lead to death penalty. Nobles wore cotton cloaks borders of precious stones. The Craftsmen were allowed to dye the cotton in different colors; and certain geometric designs were woven into their cloak to symbolize their status in the culture. The Aztecs were also fond of jewelry, but it was subject to certain laws too. Nobles wore gold and carved precious stones in their lower lips to display their high rank while the farmers had to dress simply. The dress worn by women was a woven blouse with an embroidered skirt. Every class also had their own haircuts varying from highest to lowest

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