Inca Vs Aztec Civilization Essay

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Over the past few millenniums, the world, culture, and inhabitants continue to change and advance. The culture, and way of life depends on the area of the world. As human social developments occur, different civilizations progress and empires make history. With that being said, the development of the Aztec and Incan Empires made global influences in history. Although the Aztec and Incan Empires share many like qualities, they also differ in numerous ways. The Aztec empire appeared south of northwest Mexico in 1325. Their empire conquered central Mexico and developed their capital Tenochtitlan. Warfare involved conquering neighboring societies. To the Aztecs, warfare was a very sacred ritual. They often fought with wooden swords. Instead of focusing on killing their captives, they mainly focused on wounding to misleading captives to sacrifice them to gods. After warfare, they forced their captives to pay tribute or taxes. Now that we’ve discussed warfare, how were they spiritually? The Aztecs were intensely spiritual, in fact, their religious beliefs focused on the interconnection…show more content…
For instance, warfare was a sacred ritual for the Aztecs. For the Incas, it was not. They only engaged in warfare when diplomacy and trade negotiations were no longer effective. Next, in warfare, the Aztecs used wooden swords. In contrast to the Aztecs, the Incas used palm wood clubs and other forms of weaponry. In terms of spirituality, the Aztecs focused on the interconnection between nature and human life. The Incas did not focus on the same. Last, the Aztec empire was divided into 371 city-states and 38 provinces. The Incan empire was divided into four “suyu,” and those were divided into provinces. Both the Aztec and Incan empires shared many like qualities within their civilizations, but they also differed in several ways including warfare engagement, religion, economic activity, and
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