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Also known as early childhood or infant caries, baby bottle tooth decay occurs when a baby’s teeth are continually subjected to the sugar contained in fruit juices, formula, milk, and other sweetened liquids and foods. Even diluted fruit juice can cause this condition. In most cases, it occurs in a child’s front teeth, appearing as dark brown spots. If you’re planning to have a baby or suspect your baby child may have baby bottle tooth decay, here are some preventive measures and treatment methods. The Problem with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Baby caries can be painful for babies and young children, besides make it hard for them to chew and eat. What’s more, your child’s baby teeth have the job of reserving spaces for their adult teeth. However, when their baby teeth are injured or even destroyed, they fail to guide adult teeth to their proper locations. This causes your child’s permanent teeth…show more content…
• It’s best not to give your baby a pacifier, but you do, never dip it in honey or syrup. In fact, a child younger than a year old should never be given honey. • Ask your Castle Hills children’s dentist about your baby’s fluoride needs. If you do not have fluoride in your drinking water, your dentist may recommend fluoride treatments or fluoride supplements. Only use low-fluoride toothpaste, the size of a small pea, for children 18 months to age 6. But after the sixth birthday, an Australian child can begin using standard fluoride toothpaste. To make sure that your child has good oral health, set up an appointment with Hills Dental Care. Our highly competent dental team helps patients relax by practicing sedation dentistry and other methods to calm patients. Please contact us. As world class dentists, we offer pain free dentistry treatments for adults and

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