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My baby will not stop crying

Causes of baby crying

The crying of a baby always worries parents. Some clues help to decipher their meaning. Most newborns cry a lot. My baby will not stop crying. Why does he do this? What to do when you cry? How to distinguish a normal cry from another that indicates discomfort or health problem? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you avoid anxieties.

Getting home with baby: reality

The parents dream about the return of motherhood is that your baby sleep all night, gorgotee happy when awake and barely complain a little when you feel hungry. The reality: that a newborn cries for an average of two hours a day, much of it during the night, and that the crying of a baby is inevitable most of the
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Sometimes the baby simply calms down when he hears the mother 's voice. A gentle massage or small pat on the back can also help.

I 'm hot (or I 'm cold). A baby who is cold or very hot can show his discomfort by crying. Monitor your baby 's temperature and add or remove clothing as needed.
I want to suck. Suction is a natural and pleasurable reflex for the newborn. Consult the pediatrician about the convenience of giving a pacifier to your baby and what type of pacifier is appropriate. I need calm. Excessive noise, movement, or visual stimulation can cause a baby to cry. If your baby is upset, take him to a quiet place. A white noise source (the sound of a washing machine, a fan or a sound recording of the waves) can also help to calm it down.
It 's my time to cry. Many babies have predictable periods of crying every day, where little can be done to calm them. As the weeks pass, they will become less frequent.
My tummy hurts. If the diet of a nursing mother is rich in spicy or flatulent foods, the baby may suffer the consequences. Too much caffeine can also be reflected in more restless behavior of the baby. To check if a food is causing discomfort to your child, avoid it for a few days and see the

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