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If you concerned about your baby’s overall development and growth, then not only healthy food also a good night’s sleep plays an essential role. The 46 Small Size Baby Diapers from the house of Pampers is one of the best solutions to ensure that your baby enjoys interrupted sleep.
Material and design

The Pampers Baby Diapers are made of super absorbent material with AGM absorbent gel. They are fluffy and soft on your baby’s skin. The outer cover has cartoon images printed on the front portion. The diapers are pure white in colour which is ideal for your babies. The materials used are clinically tested and does not cause skin irritation. Even the colors and perfumes used are non-toxic and safe for children. The sticky tapes on the sides help you to fasten the diaper easily around your baby’s waist. The pack contains 46 diapers. It comes in the small size which is suitable for new born babies and babies who weigh up to 8 kg.

Key highlights
The diapers are made of high quality material, which are extremely safe for babies.
The magic gel has a capacity to keep your baby dry for almost 10 hours.
Aloe Vera keeps your baby’s skin protected.
The outer cover of the diaper is as
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As your baby’s skin is very delicate washing your hands is a must. Then lay him or her on a changing table or changing mat so that your mattress or bed sheet doesn’t get soiled. Next clean your baby’s bottom area with wet wipes and sprinkle baby power on that area. IF your baby is prone to diaper rash then you better apply some anti-rash cream. While putting on a diaper ensures that there is no leakage. So follow the directions carefully while changing the diaper. First you need to unfold the diaper and place your baby’s bottom in the portion where the Velcro faster is located. Then fold the front portion towards the baby’s belly and fasten the Velcro tightly on both the sides. Now insert your finger in the thigh area to check if it has properly

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