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Baby Gas Masks Description This product seems like a deep-sea diving helmet at first glance, but it isn’t actually. It has a steel helmet, wrapped with a rubberized fabric that 's surrounding a large window, secured with a harness strap and consists a rubber tube-shaped air pump that sticks on the side. Purpose and use This strange looking device is a gas helmet made especially for babies, also known as the baby gas mask, and was used in Britain during World War 2. Over 40 million gas masks were distributed to every man, woman, child and baby. It was developed and designed by the Royal Air Force, with an intention to protect Britain babies from possible chemical warfare, such as poison gas attacks. Poison gas is extremely harmful and can cause skin blisters, blindness, breathing problems, and can even lead to death. The reason why the baby gas masks were so crucial in times of the second world war, was because the Britain government assumed that the Germans would use chemical weapons since they were used quite frequently during World War 1. As a result, lessons were given on how to use the baby gas masks by schools, workplaces, health visitors and child welfare centres. The gas masks were usually collected from local town halls. Officials came around to ensure that when people came to collect their gas masks, that they fitted properly and…show more content…
Their use of chemical weapons led Australia to worry about Japan’s use of chemical weapons if they do eventually invade Australia when the time comes. Accordingly, Australia prepared to gather supplies of their very own chemical weapons to ensure that they are ready. In fact, they even began to produce standard gas masks and up to 500 000 were made in 1940 alone, but there was no record of Australia producing any baby gas

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