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Back pain in pilots is a common occupational health problem that may interfere with flying performance. Back pain is a common complaint among military aviators of various aircraft. Utility helicopter pilots have more prevalent and more severe back pain than others pilots. It is hard to find a clear relationship between type of aircraft and the region of back pain (2-5). The high incidence of back pain in helicopter pilots (HP) has been attributed to vibration and the in-flight pilot's posture (6, 7). Fighter pilots frequently encounter neck and back pain and injuries due to high G (z) loading. Sitting posture can be hurting muscle strain, cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra (9). back injury prevention is one of the seven major elements of the Health Program (10) Prevention has been critical in dealing with back disorders in both military (11) and civilian (1) populations, and it is facilitated by identifying risk factors or predictors of back problems (11). The study also found that the pain reported by helicopter pilots was more likely to occur immediately after flight respect to others pilots (12). However, the most important task of an air medical team is selection of qualified flight crews who possess very high levels of standards for…show more content…
There are very few papers which have made an objective study. -This retrospective study examines, Back pain was significantly more common among utility and attack helicopter pilots. Compared with only 64.02% of fighter pilots, 89.38% of utility and 74.55% of attack helicopter pilots reported some degree of back pain. In our Study 46.8% of Transport, 26.7% of fighters and 45.8% of helicopters expressed history of continued neck pains. Mid and low back pain at all degrees of severity were more common among helicopter pilots Utility helicopter pilots have more prevalent and more severe back pain than pilots of other
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